Tropical Stroller Mattress Cover Sheet 2-pack



Delicate fitted sheets, which suit the majority of strollers and Moses baskets. The sheets provide a crease-free fit for all mattresses.
Sheets come in two-pack sets. Each package contains:
– 1 bamboo sheet
– 1 muslin sheet
The set is packed in a fancy way that makes it gift ready, an ideal present for the newborn’s parents.
The bamboo and muslin sheet are specifically practical and easy to care for – they are machine washable and dry fast.
What are the differences between bamboo and muslin fabric?
The basic difference is the composition and tangle. Materials made of bamboo are 100% bamboo viscose which make it soft and supple to the touch like a pleasantly cool silk.
Muslin is a combination of cotton yarn (60%) and bamboo (40%), the tangle is more loose, so the fabric is more breathable. Muslin is a fine and hygienic material.
Bamboo viscose is anti-allergic, anti-bacterial, odourless and can draw moisture away from the skin. Bamboo has hygroscopic properties, absorb water faster then cotton, dries quickly, protects from UV rays. Bamboo has the ability to thermoregulate body temperature, the fabric keeps the temperature by about 2 degrees lower than the ambient temperature (hence the impression that it is so pleasantly cool to the touch).
The Tropical collection is joyful, full of sun with a selection of designs for carefree summer walks. A special feature of the collection is the style in which it was prepared that involves a crafty creative process. Every design was created on paper, carefully and thoroughly prepared with attention to the smallest details—so that the structure of the main theme presented a realistic character. After refining the formula, each element was decorated with watercolour, which gave the final shape and put into life the creations. We are happy to present the final result and encourage you to familiarize yourself with the TROPICAL collection.
All materials used in Poofi products are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 certified (can be in direct contact with the skin of the newborn).

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100% bamboo viscose, 60% cotton 40% bamboo


Dyes certified according to: Oeko-tex Standard 100 Class 1 (suitable for newborns)


75×35 cm (29.5×13.8 in)

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