Organic Pregnancy Pillow




Cover: 100% organic cotton

Filling: hypoallergic silicone fibers

The filling is removable. You can open the pillow,

remove and ad more filling, accordingly to your needs and preferences.


→Care / laundry suggestions:

The pillow and the cover are separate. You can wash them both in 40 C degree.

Please remember to follow the instructions from laundry tag attached to the item.

To protect the filling fibers, we suggest to obtain from using fabric softeners.



All materials used in POOFI products are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 certified (can be in direct contact with the skin of the newborn)

Organic cotton used in this product is certified.

The pregnancy pillow from the ORGANIC&COLOR collection offers a new quality of sleep from early pregnancy. You will feel its unique softness at the very first touch. Made from natural cotton fibres, it allows the skin to breathe and ensures good ventilation.

Formed in the shape of number 9, the pregnancy pillow provides support for the entire body, including the back. It features two separate comfort zones: a firm and a soft one. The former separates your legs so as to reduce pressure on the hip joints. The latter wraps around the bump, back and head,
providing maximum comfort during sleep or rest. Both sections are clearly separated by a vertical divider which prevents the filling from moving.

The POOFI pregnancy pillow has been specially designed to help pregnant women sleep on the left side. Why is it so important? During pregnancy, a left-sided position encourages better blood flow to the baby. As we are not able to control our body position while sleeping, additional support for the
back provided by the 9-shaped pillow will allow you to sleep on the left side all night long, ensuring freedom of movement and maximum comfort during rest. The pillow makes it also possible to switch to the right side or to a half-side/half- back position.

You can also adjust the filling volume thanks to a zipper on one side of the pillowcase, which enables you to remove and add filling according to your needs.

You can also choose an extra pillow cover for your pragnancy pillow

The pregnancy pillow cover offered as part of the ORGANIC&COLOR collection is crafted from pure organic cotton, free from artificial fertilizers or chemicals used in crop production. Its fibres are stronger and finer, which makes the yarn softer to the touch and allows better airflow between the fibres. As a result, organic cotton is hypoallergenic and will not irritate baby’s delicate skin.

The pregnancy pillow is available in a choice of four colours: honey, maroon, denim and light grey, which will enliven any space.

The pillow is easy to clean and the cover is removable. Both the pillow and the cover can be machine
washed at 40°C. (Follow the product labels.)
Made from certified organic yarn, the product is safe and eco-friendly.


Made in Poland.

Additional information

weight N/A
dimensions N/A

120×60 cm (47.2×23.6 in)



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witin 24 hours after receiving the payment

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