“Pocket” Carrying Wrap



A practical set with Pocket by Poofi, a hybrid baby wrap, including:

  • the Pocket hybrid wrap
  • a backpack
  • a bamboo soft toy
  • a manual

Carrying and cuddling are natural ways of expressing love and building a sense of security. It is also a great advantage you and your baby can enjoy. POOFI seeks to protect what is natural and foster your relationship.

This is why we present you with a baby wrap which will help you cherish what is most beautiful in those moments. Carrying a baby is practical, comfortable and has all the advantages. We have made an effort to make it also stylish and easier than ever before. The Pocket hybrid wrap is a solution between a stretchy and a woven wrap. It offers the comfort of wearing that stretchy wraps are famous for and the strength similar to that of woven wraps.

The Pocket wrap is a stretchy wrap (95% cotton, 5% elastane) with a unique functionality. The secret of our wrap lies in the fabric, which is a result of many months of work by experts, whose knowledge and experience helped to create a material with ideal properties. The wrap is secure and remains tight and well-fitted throughout its use. What is amazing about the wrap is that, once tied, it makes it possible to get the baby in and out several times without the need to tie it every time.

Discover the practical side of the pocket.

When carrying your baby in the wrap, you have both hands free and may either put them loosely down or stuff into the comfortable pouch. The pocket is suitable for carrying small personal items such as keys, tissues or wallet. The wrap may be packed into a convenient backpack, which will hold all that you need: diapers, water, a book, an umbrella or a blanket. The backpack is really spacious and you will look really stylish.

The wrap may be tied in several ways, including:

  • a pocket
  • a double hammock
  • a rucksack
  • a double cross


You can also download it in PDF format by clicking HERE.

The manual presents two basic ways of wearing the wrap. It contains a detailed description of the positions and shows how to tighten the wrap.
Watch the video tutorials on our YouTube channel:

Additional information

weight 1.1 kg
dimensions 7 × 30 × 30 cm

black, grey melange



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